After going through the costs with my oral surgeon and maxillofacial surgeon and dental insurer I am being referred to consult with a practice outside the University system that may be able to perform implants at a much lower cost and no limits. I would pay out of pocket but it may cost much less and have no procedure limits. My dental insurance company charges 5K cash and 50/50 on implants and will limit me to 3 implants in this fiscal year. These are not cosmetic dental costs and the damage was due to my upper jaw collapsing and being in a billion pieces. My original maxillofacial surgeon in told me my jaw and septum looked like an eggshell that had been thrown onto the street. Don’t get run over a bus, it hurts and if you survive it’s very costly. If anyone would like to chip in to my oral surgery costs feel free to send some smile donations. I can’t wait until I can smile again. It has been years of waiting and many crown replacements to finally be given a green light for the implants, if the bone grafting works, they will last a lifetime. Heres to back before I was run over when I had a beautiful smile, and to future beautiful smile.

The majority of the cost will be paid for out of part of my pension. I will be paying penalty and taxes on withdrawing early but with how often I am having abscesses I need to have this done ASAP.