I’m finished what I can do for now. The weather and my body have given out. Everything hurts. I’m out of my contaminated clothing. All the bags are on the curb for pick up tomorrow. I pulled so much poison Ivy from the trees, the ground and the roots today. Moving all the bags to the curb was it for me. Now it’s pouring down rain. I would kill for an ibuprofen and a Coca Cola. I can’t even get up to make coffee. I need to shower but can’t move but if any contamination occurred it was probably today. So grateful for the poison Ivy scrub right now. Even if I had money, it was not pouring down rain…I still couldn’t walk to the store as my wellies and I are busted.

Here is the mostly finished pictures…I made a video but I literally just walked in the door from carrying like 32 bags the really long distance to the curb. I never realized how long it was to the curb from the water until today. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Send love, a new body, some coffee and food, some no poison Ivy on Christine thoughts…no falling today though. Yay! 🩰☕️❤️