Buy D3tramental a coffee


I'm honestly getting into the 3d community to spread the love.  It helped me through a really dark period of losing my father, so in return I want to help the community by sharing my 20+ years of painting knowledge of painting.  There isn't enough Bob Ross, "happy little trees" here and "happy accident" there: it's "you've got to buy the BEST paints" and KNOW the proper techniques or you'll be laughed off of the forums.  NOPE.  Not today, Junior.  I'm doing a brain dump of what I've learned in my time of pushing paint around and hopefully creating some insightful videos in the process.  I'm going to use a brush (sorry airbrush users, I want everything to be accessible for learners), I'm going to be using FREE models so that you can also download them yourself, and I'll hopefully find them PREsupported so you won't have to figure that part out either. I will also be painting random statues for fun on stream, and doing give-aways for people that join the monthly service as a bonus (once I get a schedule down).  I'll pick out some other goodies once we get a good selection of painted minis and statues going.  Let's make it fun.

For those that can chip in a few bucks, I'll buy resin, support some Patreons of amazing 3d artists, create a discord to share all of the work, create challenges for each other, and spread the love in the community. Like I said: I want to give the love all back to the same creators that helped me through a horrible time in my life and maybe we can do the same for others.  If you can't: that's all good too. Share and support one another with the painting process.  I love the idea of a single coffee making a huge difference!