All tips and tricks I have learned over the years from various friends and artists**. Thank you to those that have taught me and in turn have also learned from me. I am paying it forward 😃

  • Step 1 - Heated up Krylon flat white and black primer in a warm water bath. Applied a few very thin coats of black first, then just a few sprits of white at 45 degrees to give you an idea of a light source. It's better to go lighter on the layers because you can always wait 5 minutes and add another thin layer.

  • Step 2 - Airbrush the eyes and spider symbols with a mix of Reaper Leather white (9062) and Liquitex Airbrush Medium (1:1 ratio). Masked off the eyes and spider symbols with Abteilung 502 ABT115 Liquid Mask. Airbrushed the body and head with Reaper Oceanic Blue (9418).

  • Step 3 - Splattered the entire thing with Black alcohol ink (ratio 1:2 with Isopropyl Alcohol to dilute). Dried the ink with air from my airbrush just in case, at a distance so it doesn't spider. Repeat with Manganese Blue alcohol ink (1:2 ratio IPA). Repeat again with Black alcohol ink (1:2 ratio IPA).

  • Step 4 - Airbrushed with ProAcryl Transparent Black and Liquitex Airbrush Medium (1:1 ratio). Removed the masking from the eyes and spider symbols.

  • Step 5 - Hand brushed the mouth and teeth with Reaper Pale Violet Red (9027) mixed with Liquitex Airbrushed medium (to reduce brush strokes). Hand brushed the teeth with Reaper Linen White (9061) and Liquitex Airbrush Medium (1:1).

  • Step 6 - Inked the inside of the mouth and tongue with Dr. PH Martin's TECH Rosy color (a few layers). It's waterproof so the layers will build up.

  • Step 7 - Inked the Tongue and mouth with Martin's "Scarlet" and "Antelope" to darken it a little. The teeth I inked with a slightly watered down "Yellow Ochre" and then "Rose" at the roots. Take your time with inks and blot them off with your finger if they become too saturated, but do it quickly because they dye the surface extremely fast. It's better to build up the color rather than to rely on removing mistakes. Since it's waterproof a mistake can sometimes only be covered up with acrylic once fully dry (hours later - it can be tricky).

  • Step 8 - Cleaned up the spider symbols with Linen White mixed with Airbrush Medium (1:1) and hand brushed lightly but only with extremely thin coats to not hide any details. Once fully dry, I started to dry brush some ProAcryl Transparent Black mixed with Airbrush Medium (1:3) to block out some of the major shadows on the spider symbols, the teeth, the mouth/tongue, and major muscles (which is why I diluted it down more).

  • Step 9 - Went back in with ProAcryl Transparent Black (no mixing), and cleaned up around the eyes, the spider symbols, the really deep muscle groups, and any major textures. After that was try I took some ProAcryl Transparent White and Jo Sonja Magic Mix Medium (1:3 ratio - it gives the paint a longer drying time and an easier blend). I dry brushed the white in the highlights all over the muscles and veins, the teeth, the symbols, etc and blotted it off with my fingers to help blend. I also took a mix of Dr. PH Martin's Green and Yellow ink (1:2 ratio) to get Venom's drool.