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Hello everyone, this is DCSG81 here.

I hoped you have a great time in my YouTube channel.

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Jack Dashing
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hey buddy! 3 coffees on me. this is the guy who's been sending you messages on your videos about that elusive Peter B. Parker mafex figure. I just wanted to say thank you for your care and your responses. You're pretty awesome!. Oh! and not sure if you like Fall Guys the game or not, but feel free to check out my channel if so :)

Hi Jack, OMG, it's been some time since anyone buy me a coffee. And you bought me 3! Thanks a lot. You made my day! Sure, I will take a look at your channel too!

Gareth Yip
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Really enjoy your video! Keep up the good work! Enjoy the coffee.

Thanks so much Gareth! Appreciates it much! Yummy! Hahaha

Someone bought a coffee.

Thank you so much, man!

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Like I said previously, top quality videos come out of your channel! Keep up the good work and here is a small token of appreciation!

Thank you so much for your coffees!! Really appreciates it!

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hey man, i just started collecting action figures (i began with the ML Worthy Cap), and your videos is what got me to see what that action figure entailed. You solidified my decision! :) Thank you again for your hard work at creating these videos. They're very helpful to people like me that are new to action figure collecting!

Hi there and welcome onboard on this exciting hobby. Thank you for choosing my channel to check out on action figures review. Do buzz me from time to time if you have any questions about any of the figures you are interested on. I might not have the information for all but I will be happy to help for those I can. Thanks for your coffee! 😊 😊 😊