Thanks for stopping by.. if you are interested in jazz transcriptions primarily focused on guitar and wanting to gather new jazz language ....then you've come to the right place.

I've been blown away with the response to my YouTube channel and transcriptions and I've been asked on more than a couple of occasions why I haven't a 'Patreon' and now I have, albeit through 'Buy Me a Coffee' which offers the same experience but it's a much easier interface. I'm so grateful for the donations that have come my way via the 'Pay What you Want' facility but I want to try and create a better (and more inexpensive) experience for those supporters with the addition of bonus transcriptions and backing tracks and etudes to compliment the deal. Ultimately I want to be working with you to try and create the material that helps us all gain new vocabulary and enriches our playing experience.

Do follow the link below to the YouTube channel with videos for almost all of the transcriptions I've done and have available.