Hello to the new subscribers and I hope your Christmas and new year was all you hoped for. The January transcriptions and extras are shaping up nicely, as it stands so far we've got:

Newks Fadeaway by Sonny Rollins Rhythm changes from the master saxophonist which has been transcribed to play on guitar (with tab of course)

Sonny Stitt Lines Lots of phrases which are again, arranged for guitar.

Con Alma by Jesse van Ruller 5/4 version of the Dizzy classic with some tasteful phrasing and lines

Rosetta by Dan Faehnle Not a player I know much about but he can play some great sounding guitar!

Pentatonic II V I Etudes One of my favourite strategies for breaking up the scalic way of thinking and a neat way to sidestep the "chord scale theory" of feeling forced to play a certain scale over a certain chord. It is also a great way to start to feel your way 'outside' which is something I will no doubt cover in the future. (YouTube audio already released)

It wasn't planned to be covering so much II V I language this month, that's just the way it happens sometimes so with that in mind maybe I'll do a backing track for practicing some of these lines.

I'll update once starts to finalise. Thanks and stay safe!