Work in progress at the moment (not necessarily for this month):

  • 'All Things Familiar' by Dan Adler

  • 'All Night Long' by Dave Stryker

A standard from DA and a blues from DS, both would be new to the collection. I've had Dan's album for years and Dave's come to mention it but I've not dug in to Dave's as much as I should have done.. wow. Modern era players but with a foot firmly in the classic era in terms of sounds and ideas. Boom, I'm in!


  • 'Satin Doll' by Johnny Hodges

  • 'Moment's Notice' by Tom Guarna

  • 'Opus de Funk' by Elek Bacsik

More classic greatness from JH with a great demonstration of phrasing and economy of phrasing and ideas, obv. played on sax and transcribed for guitar. TG is not a player I have come across before, great player and I'm always a sucker for a good rendition of Moment's Notice. I've done another EB number as it's a shame he's not better known so I'm doing my bit to get him out there and it's a energetic workout for sure.

Coming soon!