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Hey 👋 I am a cybersecurity and tech professional, show and podcast host and content creator! I run the Alpha Cyber Security blog site, YouTube and Twitch channels where I create educational content like how to get hands-on hacking and cybersecurity experience or how you can protect your data and privacy on your tech devices.

I also host a live stream on YouTube, Twitch and Twitter every Thursday called InfoSec Unplugged! This show is where I get together with other professionals in the cybersecurity and tech spaces, talk and just have a good time! 

My goal with BuyMeACoffee is to get better equipment and upgrade my space. With these, I will be able to produce better quality content to help people start or enhance their careers and/or learn about how they can secure them and their loved ones!

I would GREATLY APPRECIATE help and support!
Every bit helps!

Thank You!

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Continue doing what you're doing. Your podcast has been a great resource to learn about influential people in cyber.

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Very motivational, cannot wait to get out of the military and hopefully transition into the private INFOSEC sector.

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Hustle! Hustle! Hustle, hard! 💪🏾

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Great content

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Always looking out man!