For Davinci Resolve Users or even users of Adobe, HitFilm, Final Cut Pro. Vegas or iMovie, I have some assets that I think may be helpful in your production.

Here are some of the promo videos for the content available through the membership.

Buymeacoffee membership with me provides

  • Special Resolve Templates, just for this Group

  • Membership will provide access to Resolve Project Files

  • Support me on a monthly basis

  • Discounted yearly membership offered to help build this group.

  • New Items will be added every month!

  • Shoutout to new members on my YouTube Channel. If you would rather me shoutout your YT Channel, just let me know.

Currently, members have access to:

  • Doodle hand-drawn animation in Resolve (18) - These items are created in resolve with the ability to drag-and-drop from the Edit Page or Cut Page menus. They all have transparent backgrounds.

    • Square_Perimeter

    • Chasing_Hearts

    • Sunburst01

    • Sunburst02

    • Bubbles_01

    • WaterBubblePop

    • Water_puddle

    • UpArrow_Group

    • FastRings_out

    • FigureEight_Loop

    • WindBlow_01

    • Sm_SplashRT

    • Radial_Burst_01

    • Pointing_Breakup

    • Horizontal_Bars_In

    • Fireflies

    • Cloudlike_Ring

    • BigX02

  • Doodle hand-drawn animation ProRes HD (first 10) - works with any Editing Software

  • Doodle hand-drawn animation  ProRes 4K (first 10)- works with any Editing Software

  • Resolve Text Burn Tool - 24fps and 30fps - HD and 4K -designed to work with a black background

  • Resolve Cube Reveal Logo v1 24fps and 30fps

  • Resolve Cube Reveal Logo v2 (magic) 30fp

  • Music from Velocity Video - Royalty-free

  • The Resolve Project File for the October promo for the Free version of Davinci Resolve

  • 9 Brand-new Motion Graphics Circles for Davinci Resolve These items are created in resolve with the ability to drag-and-drop from the Edit Page or Cut Page menus. 6 were created with the mask tools in Fusion and 3 were created with the new shape tools. Controls allow changes to different items such as color, position, and line thickness on some templates. Easy to control the overall size and position of the motion graphics as well.

  • The HDRI Resolve project file and a specially made template that can be loaded from the Edit Page or Cut Page. The template allows users to quickly select there HDRI, add some text or no text, animate and more, right from the Edit Page and Cut Page. From this YouTube video

  • Two special Davinci Resolve templates: Freeze Logo Tool and Freeze Text Tool. Load directly from the Edit or Cut Page and input your logo or image or text.

Get the membership for only $6/month or $24/year. If you bought a coffee before, contact me an I'll send you a discount for the membership for the price you donated.