Mar 24, 2022

Dave & Vinny: Gin

Longcroft Estate, Rampant Horse Pub,"What in the name of all that is good and decent is that monstrosity on the bar!" Demanded Vinny.Dave winced, "I Knew you'd react like that. Ken is attempting to follow a trend I think. It's his selection of gins.""He'll have goatee stroking, turtle neck wearing bloody poets in next.""I know mate. It's the beginning of the end. A veritable Ragnarok for the Rampant Horse."... more

Mar 23, 2022

Dave & Vinny: A Love of Rubber

Longcroft Estate, Rampant Horse Pub."I'm taking up angling boys." said Ken.Dave and Vinny exchanged looks."You're the clumsiest person I know Ken." said Vinny."You can't even swim." said Dave.Vinny tapped his nose and winked, "He likes rubber....waders."Ken ignored him.

Mar 22, 2022

Dave & Vinny: D.I. Davis

"Bloody hell Dave there's a copper at the bar.""What's she doing?""Drinking scotch mostly. Ken called her D.I. Davis.""Di Davis?"No D.I. oh never mind. She swears like a docker you'd like her.""So long as she doesn't examine Ken's beer too closely it's criminal."

Mar 21, 2022

D.I. Davis: Doughnut

D.S. Morgan watched her boss in full on tantrum mode."Does this flaccid thing look like a doughnut to you?" said D.I. Davis. The girl serving her quickly replaced it with a perkier specimen."M'am it's the last time I'm taking you to the fair." Said D.S. morgan.

Mar 21, 2022

Dave & Vinny: Pork Pie

Longcroft Estate, Rampant Horse Pub."Come on Vinny, don't go into a mood.""It's not on Dave.""I know mate, but what could I do?""Not eat Ken's last pork pie? He was saving it for me. You paid him an extra quid to let you have it.""Pint Vinny?""Go on then, Judas."

Mar 16, 2022

Poem: Dancing to the Music of you

Dancing to the music of you,In a room without a view,Dancing to the music of you,Even though I feel so blue,Dancing to the music of you,Despite you saying we're through,Dancing to the music of you,Not caring with my hair askew,Dancing to the music of you.

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