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"What The World Needs Now...

Jan 16, 2021 love, sweet love. It's the only thing that there's just too little of. "

This song has been worming its way through my head. In the voice of Burt Bacharach and accompanied by the movie images of Austin Powers, of course. Gotta keep things light. ;)

But this is why I am creating this page. To give and to receive some love.

And as I was thinking about how to keep my head above water in a professional perspective through this evolving world, I have been wondering if maybe this is the time to move towards a different way of working and interacting with my friends, clients, and community. I have had a few creative ideas through the years which always seemed so difficult to actualize while still putting energy into my Kinesiology practice. A friend and fellow energy working colleague asked me if I had started my facebook business page and I told her no, I wasn't ready for the upkeep and all of that yet and she told me that she saw it. That it was time to put myself out there. And as we were conversing, I thought of a metaphor to describe how I was feeling about it. Perhaps a familar scene to some - standing high over a body of water, a diving tower in an Olympic sized pool or the edge of a cliff face overlooking a lake, looking down, completely in control. But then, once the decision to jump has been made and the body moves forwards, one foot in the air and one foot still fairly well connected, there is a moment that stretches long in time for me, where the centre of gravity moves in such a way as to make recovery impossible, and the plunge inevitable. This moment. This moment of fear for what may come as I imagine my body plummeting into the water, this moment of regret for not maintaining my equilibrium on comparatively safe and solid ground, this moment of inertia where the only thing to do is keep the body straight and trust the process as gravity escorts me into the depths below.

I am in this long, drawn out, timeless moment right now. I am hovering. About to let inertia do its work as I take the plunge. And it's not so much about keeping my head above water, I now understand. It's about diving in and having the faith that no matter how low I descent, I will once again be pulled up to the bright and sunny surface, a deep breath rushing into my lungs, exhaulted for having the courage to leap, grateful for having faith in my buoyancy.

And what I am jumping into is trust and faith that creating and sharing a life that I love will help to support me as we move into this brave new world (hopefully nothing like the book). I am excited to share more of my writing with you again. I'm excited to share my love for photography and the little scenes I see in life. I'm excited to share my Daily Practice in the form of Yoga, meditaiton, and philosophical musings about the deeper currents in life. Share my foraging and hiking. Maybe even share some private Reiki or meditation sessions. I'm not exactly sure how this is all going to sort itself out, but I appreciate you reading, commenting, sharing my work with those in your community as well.

The whole concept of "Buy Me A Coffee" is an easily accessible platform for content creators - vloggers, bloggers, artists, photographers, philosophers, etc. I've never really considered myself an 'artist' but there is something about how an artist shares their inner selves via their chosen medium that excites me. Putting their hearts out on display through their creations. Vulnerable and refreshing, raw and terrifying, and I have often been envious of the courage it takes to put oneself out there in such a way. If you feel like buying me a coffee to support the work I am doing to live my best life and share the love, I will greatly appreciate it. If you don't, that's okay as well. Please enjoy what you find here and share it with anyone you think might benefit from my work.

With Love and Gratitude,


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