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First of all, thanks for visiting my profile!

I'm a big fan of React-Native and I would like to help developers on this technology.
Actually, I invest my time maintaining react-native-push-notification. I would like to improve developer-experience on this project and in the future implement other tools/libraries!

Since I'm also a Freelance, Sponsoring me will help to allocate time on open-source project.

Bjørnar Hvidsten
Bjørnar Hvidsten bought 3 coffees.

Gratitude for your work with PN

Abi Raja
Abi Raja bought 3 coffees.

Thanks for maintaining this library!

gavrichards bought a coffee.

Thank you so much for your help! 😊 

Aspire community
Aspire community bought a coffee.

keep up the good work my friend! :)

Thanks for your support !

Piotr Ponikowski
Piotr Ponikowski bought a coffee.

Thank you !