Calling Mr. Kardashev

A couple of weeks ago I had a conversation with a Japanese friend of mine. We discussed, among other things, the Kardashev scale of civilizations. The implications on becoming a Type I civilization and how close are we, in reality, to this level. Based on that conversation, I made this piece called: Calling Mr. Kardashev.I hope you enjoy this piece, and if you must, DANCE!!Please share the love by buying me a coffee on your way... more

Oct 02


When readers faced the work of Franz Kafka, they were bewildered, astonished and fascinated by a universe made of nightmares, absurdity and delirium. Which is why we even use the ter, "Kafkian" to address situations that defy logic, and tap into our most primal fears.This song is about that, and my little tribute to the man that Franz was. Hope you like it.Share with others, and don't forget to buy me a coffee on your way... more

Sep 24


Enantiodromia: The tendency of things (and people) to turn into their opposite. This songs is about duality, and how events that start out one way evolve into their opposite. Having said this, there is an underlying beauty in it. There are many examples to this, but through music and imagery, you have the freedom of thinking whatever you want. I hope you enjoy this piece, and don't forget to show some love by buying me a coffee!... more

Sep 24

Snake Dance

Snake dance is a catchy piece, and was inspired by the Sonoran Desert as well as other cultures in which the snake is considered a revered animal even a deity according to some religions.Elegant, ancient and cunning the snake manifests itself through cadence and rhythm. It can heal as it can kill, and it has always fascinated.Please show you support by buying a... more

Sep 22

Stuck in a Little Cow Town

This song is based on a bed time story for my son. Sometimes it's just fun to be quirky and funny, and much to my son's delight, this songhas him laughing everytime he hears it.I hope it brings a smile to your face! Share the love and show your support by buyingme a coffee!

Sep 20

Afrolite!! is a little homage to the music that influenced me as a kid! I have always enjoyed many types of music, such as rock, pop, heavy metal, and even opera, but there is that special flavor that funk brings to the table. Growing up in the 80's, I was heavily influenced by Africa Bambatta, Mel-E Mel and the Furious Five, and the way they spun that needle on the record!! Hope you enjoy it! Don't forget to... more

Aug 17

Music from the Soul
How Bizzare!
Stuck in a Little Cow Town
Snake Dance