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Oct 18, 2021

Shhh. First Supporter Post

Oct 04, 2021

Coffee in a Foreign Land

I am visiting my parents in Phoenix during a “relocation gap” in Vegas, and so for what will end up being about five weeks (in about two more weeks) I have been living on and around coffee prepared in the ways of the house. A challenge, to be sure.Here there is a Mr. Coffee drip brew machine. It works okay, though as mother recently discovered that ground coffee can sometimes include bonus sources of protein, she opted for whole beans and would attempt to shred them into submission... more

Jul 28, 2021

Reminder for later

At some point these may be interesting, I don't want to forget it:Drinking lots of coffee linked with higher risk of dementia, brain shrinkage, study finds( much coffee can shrink your brain, raise risk of dementia: Study( local or even national news or news commentary sites and shows comment on what “studies say,” I reserve judgement (who knows, one day they may interpret the abstract correctly).Looking at an older pub on a slightly more reputable... more

Jul 19, 2021

Trying out another BMaC Feature

Announced on Twitter (and elsewhere, presumably) today (19 July 2021) is a new "link tree" tool called Another place to add vectors which point where I want or need them to? Sure, why not? have included the usual social platform link icons, and as is almost always the case, "one of the platforms I use is missing." Maybe more than one. Given that it's only been launched for a few hours, that can slide.My BMaC profile page will continue to be... more


Jul 16, 2021

I found this humorous

Jun 27, 2021

Adding some stuff!

My to-do list has been append-only for too long, in the next week or two the set of items pending should yield some actual output, even if they are only version 0.9beta or so. ProjectsFor the time being I've added a couple of named web projects and a software tool project, as they become available I'll update my profile page here with actual links. One project I've been quite bearish about for far too long is my real return to publishing a self-hosted web log of some kind, and... more

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Adding some stuff!
I found this humorous
Trying out another BMaC Feature
Reminder for later


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