Music is a huge source of medicine for my healing heart. As I continue to ride the waves of our current social, political, and spiritual landscape, I am often in need of a companion. I need a comrade who knows the struggle of what I’m experiencing and the celebration and liberation that comes with this heavy work that I often talk about and have come to know and love as Intergenerational Healing.

As soon as I wake up, I often turn to Spotify where I search for a playlist that I just know is going to help me get through whatever is on my to do list for the day.

I have been curating seasonal playlists forever but it only recently occurred to me that the songs I hand pick to listen to during different seasons might also bring others comfort too.

So if you are someone whose love language includes music, lyrics, and vibes, let me know! I will be offering my specialty seasonal playlists here on Buy Me a Coffee very soon. I can’t wait to hear how the playlists touch your life!