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Hello Friend! I'm Sissy beth, a semi-professional photographer and degreed student to Social Work. I've been stuck in unemployment for a while and it was taking a huge toll on my mental health. I decided to turn to my first love, Photography, as a form of art therapy to help make those reject letters sting just a little less. So far, so good! I am rediscovering myself and the world through the lens of my camera! I hope that I can inspire others to use their passion to help when the roads get rough!

Right now I am doing a May 30 Challenge that includes a daily walk, at least one daily photograph, and more. Check Out All the details here! I am also part of the 52 Frames challenge for 2021, click here for my page

Here you can support me by helping me to pay for my health insurance (cause chronic illnesses always come first) or help me upgrade my editing equipment (cause my iPad mini 2 is barely hanging on). 

Don't forget to check out my Blog! Links to my Instagram, Flickr, and even Facebook page can be found there!

Don't forget to be creative today ☺️