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David Alfie...Bored has been much more popular than first thought and I’ve loved entertaining your ears! So I’ve decided to keep it going.

and with the comedy on its knees (but I hope slowly rising) I’ve decided to set up a buy me a coffee page, if you like my podcast and you’d like to buy me a beer or a coffee to support me and the industry you’re very welcome to do so and I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I’d be.

Thank you so much for your continued support

I love you all

DAW xx

Nick Temple
Nick Temple bought 5 coffees.

Been catching up on the pods, top work mate, really enjoying them. COYS 💙

Lottie bought 5 coffees.

Thanks for the giggles lads.

@matsimpsk bought 3 coffees.
@activeandblind bought 2 coffees.

Thanks for all the great content mate, keep it up!

Video James
Video James bought 5 coffees.

Always here for a coffee chat mate