Kyoto without tourists!

I went to Kyoto two weeks ago, and I got to experience it without tourists.Here is what it looked like:

Oct 31

Star Wars Visions - a very interesting experiment from Lucasfilm

Sep 29

Just a few pictures of the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel in Paris...
... and a small quiz.

Sep 27

How to talk to flat-earthers?
So, I was thinking about how to talk to #flatearth believers and how to bring them back to the side of sanity.I have an idea. What do you think?

Sep 26

Survivor is Back!

Survivor is back and I'm back at blogging about it!

Sep 24

How to use slang in French? back when I was a graduate student, I wrote a research paper about French slang that I was pretty proud of. Here is the shorten and simplified version (in plain English rather than academic linguo - the way academic papers are written are also an interesting socio-linguistics topic, I'm sure there's research about it)

Sep 02

July Column in Paris, circa 1916
Do I have green thumbs? We are about to find out…
Bastille Day!
Ordino Mountain Pass in Andorra