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Hi, I'm David Hogan Jr, a Malaysian that is based in Kuala Lumpur and I am an independent writer, blogger, photographer, content creator, social media enthusiast for tourism, travel, nature, bird watching, lifestyle, gadgets, food and culture.

I have been online since the 90s and am one of the first few true bloggers in Malaysia from back in the day. I used to travel a lot for MalaysiaAsia, my award-winning travel blog, until I semi-retired in 2000.

I am now almost fully retired and focusing on bird watching and nature, trying to provide valuable information to people through Bird Watching Asia.

In my free time, I also manage my own little foodie and lifestyle blog called David Explores, where I do simple food, gadget and other reviews, which is targeted primarily towards Malaysians.

There you go; I hope you have clicked on any of my websites or blogs and will "Buy me a Coffee" to help support my goals. At the end of the day, my mission is to provide content for like-minded people, especially those seeking information.