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Hey everyone !!! This is just Johnny, the puppeteer for The Extreme Reality Puppet Show, setting up the new account here for people to help chip in and maybe buy a coffee for Dave and I :'33

This show is 100% listener supported and we appreciate your valued time and concern 

There are LOTS of NEW puppet shows planned for the future !!!

Sometimes I add a laugh track in the background just to keep people's short attentions spans locked to the video, but I will be making way more serious and Biblically-based videos soon !!! We can save the canned laughter for the flat earth videos !!! Hahahaha 

Davey the Rapture Cat™ is the #1 figure in the WORLD who is showing everyone who DARES to listen that we have this NEW EXODUS RAPTURE coming and the NEW ELIJAH FIGURE who LEADS IT !!!

Most people aren't really familiar with these topics because they're also NOT too familiar with the Bible, but Davey the Rapture Cat™ has GOT YOU COVERED !!!

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