Buy Davina Farrer a coffee


I'm always up for a challenge and I'm walking 700 miles around the South West Coastal Path and a bit, leaving on 17 May 2021.  I am an advocate of recycling and minimising waste and am raising money for Ocean generations (formerly Plastic Oceans) to teach people to use less plastic and avoid it going into the oceans and our food chain.

I'm financing this myself so the money raised on my Just Giving site goes directly to the charity, and I have chosen to wild camp most of the way to keep costs down.  Obviously when it gets tough, or it rains too much I'll be wanting to head off to a B&B for a warm night and a hot meal and a cup of coffee!

So If you'd like to help out, or when it's pouring out there, think of me shivering in my tent, as I'd really appreciate the opportunity to have a bit of luxury occasionally, and will thank you deeply.

You can also follow me on my journey at

 👋 I've just created a page here so please do buy me a coffee!