Buy Dbzonic a video


Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a Video!

Well for the time being you guys can support me here so that any video i make that may or may not get claimed at least it's paid for by you my loyal viewers, subscribers and follows.

i hope you guuys can understand that this is what i have to do.

for as little as £5 you can ask for any kind of video thats between 5-10 minutes if you want lower thats fine to.

same applys with my other offers

for £10 you can get a video that's 15-20 minutes long

for £20 you can get a video that's 25-40 minutes long

but i will ask for £5 more for each offer if you ask for an animation beause that's going to take way more time.

hope you all understand this is what i have to do untile i get monetized.

thank you for understanding