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Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee!
Ally Hawkes
Ally Hawkes bought 5 coffees.

Enjoy the coffees, miss you but love reading about your adventures. 

Thank you so much Ally - your support means everything right now! XO Lisa

Katie bought a coffee.


Katie! Thank you so much! Your support means everything right now, was feeling so anxious about the launch. XO Lisa

Someone bought a coffee.

You are the best. Love you Long Time. Big tight hug, so many thanks, Lisa

Wish I could buy you dinner out 5*

Robyn Berry-Luke
Robyn Berry-Luke bought a coffee.

I know I am going to thoroughly enjoy your musings - can't wait

Robyn, you were the first - your support means everything to me right now. Thank you so much! XO Lisa

I remember the time we flatted together and it brings back great memories.  I still make the rice with the butter!  I wish you every success and cannot wait for your blogging XO Robyn