Hello Fellow Simmers!! 

I have been playing the Sims for years! However it was only in recent months that I got up the courage to start my own sims 4 build pages on Social Media. At first I didn't expect a thing out of it, I mean there are so many other creators out there who are out of this world talented! When I began gaining followers and received the feedback and lovely comments from fellow Simmers in the community I gained a confidence boost like no other. Validation of the highest regard. I decided to expand and branch out into other areas and that is how I began my YouTube channel. 

After a while I began getting fellow simmers sending me messages with requests to build for them. At first I couldn't believe it! They were asking me!? I was flattered and quickly found I love taking on the challenge of request builds. after completing a few recent builds I was asked if I had a Patreon account or similar where I could be supported by a financial donation for my efforts. I had never heard of such a creature, and admittedly had to rely on google to enlighten me haha! For the longest time (and even still now as I write this) I am not convinced that I am 'good enough' to receive financial credit for my work, however I don't want to discredit myself either. 

After doing a bit of research and speaking with some fellow Simmers I learnt more about Patreon and another website called 'buy me a coffee'. I decided to take another step forwards in my Journey by adding Patreon and 'Buy me a coffee' accounts to my entourage.

Patreon is a membership based site and I wasn't sure this was the right move for me to set up any sort of monetary account given I just share my build creations. I mean I don't use or create CC or anything like that so for me it didn't seen right to offer a monthly subscription just for my builds! 

Buy me a coffee works more as a donation platform, where users can choose an amount to donate, the owner of the account can change the word coffee to anything they like. I decided to go with "buy me a tick of approval" because I do a reasonable amount of request builds, which I love to do! It seemed entirely fitting to allow those who request a build to "buy me a tick of approval" to the amount that they think my work is worth! By monetizing my creations with a donation option means that people who appreciate and use my builds can choose when and, more importantly IF, they want to donate as a sign of appreciation for the time and the work that has gone into my builds.

So if you love my builds and are feeling generous please feel free to "buy me a tick of approval" 

Also if you do have any build requests please feel free to contact me on any of my socials! Of course, whilst I would be exceptionally appreciative for the support of you "buying me a tick of approval", rest assured it is not a requirement.  

Happy Simming!

Deek Sims Xx