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Chapter 10

Copter POV

What is Tee thinking?  Well, I don’t think that he is actually thinking. 

I stare at the Tee’s back as he walks away and down the hospital’s corridor.  I shouldn’t be surprised that he is going to pick up Fluke from the restaurant, since I did ask him to help, but it has been every day for a couple of weeks now.  

Something is definitely going on with him.  I just need to find out what it is.

As Tee disappears from my sight, I turn back towards my office and pull out my phone.  My thumb hovers over Fluke’s number.  Should I really be doing this?  Well, this is about Fluke’s healing.

Before I can change my mind, I call Fluke.


Oh, maybe I shouldn’t ask him.  Will he even give me an honest answer? 

This is going too far.  I shouldn’t intrude into his personal life this far. 


I pull the phone away from my ear, but before I can end the call, Fluke’s voice spills from my phone, “Hello, Dr. Copter.  Is something wrong?”

Dang it.

I hesitate for a moment, before I reply, “Fluke, I just wanted to make sure that everything is all right.  Tee said that he is still picking you up every night.  I thought that we had decided at last week’s session that you should be trying to do things on your own.”

A soft chuckle fills my ear. 

“I didn’t ask for Tee to take me home, but he refuses to stop picking me up from work.  I have tried several times to tell him that I’m better and that I need to start doing things on my own, but he won’t listen.”

As I continue to walk down the corridor, I nod my head.  “Yeah.  Tee often has problems with listening.  You will get used to it sooner or later.”

Wait.  Why is Tee refusing to stop picking Fluke up from work? 

Once again, another soft chuckle spills from my phone, before Fluke softly replies, “I’m sure that I will.  Sorry, Dr. Copter, I have to get back to work.  I’ll call if I have any problems.  Bye.”

I nod and hum, “Okay.  Bye.”

As I step into my department, I have one question repeating over and over in my mind.  What exactly is Tee doing and why?

Well, I guess I’m going to have to watch Tee a little more closely to really find out that answer.


I stare across the cafeteria table at Tee, as he eats oblivious to me and his surroundings.  However, I can’t stop the same few questions continuing to bounce around in my head.

Does Tee really have another motive for being so protective of Fluke?

Why hasn’t Tee stopped picking Fluke up from work?

I rest my elbows on the table while my hands rest against each other with my fork dangling loosely in my grasp.  I take a deep breath as the one corner of my lip slightly curls up, while I continue to ponder the situation. 

One thing that I do know is that Tee would never do anything to harm Fluke.  Tee can’t hardly bring himself to harm a fly. 

However, on the other hand, Tee has never taken this much interest in anyone, especially not my patients.  As a fellow doctor, he knows that he can’t cross that line, but this time, Tee doesn’t seem to pay attention to the line. 

Well, technically, he really doesn’t have to worry about it though.  Fluke isn’t his patient, so there is no ethical boundary to worry about. 

However, in the past, Tee would always keep his distance from my patients, even on ones that I would ask him to help monitor.  Tee didn’t want anyone accusing me of trying to set up my friends with my patients, which is silly.  I don’t know exactly how many doctors in this hospital that have started dating someone, who is actually a patient of another doctor here.  That is almost impossible to prevent. 

But everything has changed with Fluke.  Why is Fluke different than any other patient?

I take a deep breath as I continue to stare at Tee. 

With Tee still eating and focused on his plate, he chuckles and chimes, “Are you going to actually eat or are you going to continue to stare at me?”  He puts his utensils down on his plate and looks up at me.  “Don’t get me wrong.  I enjoy having people stare at me, but you aren’t doing it because you admire me or think that I’m sexy.  No.  You are doing it for some other reason.  Now spill it.  What is on your mind?”

I shift in my seat as I continue to stare at him.  After a few moments, I take a deep breath and ask, “Do you like Fluke?  I mean, do you like him and want to date him?”

Tee’s face instantly pales and all of him emotions drain from his face.  My attention is instantly drawn to his scared eyes, which speak volumes. 

Dang it.  I hate being right sometimes. 

Tee doesn’t have to answer me.  I’ve already got my answer. 

After a few long silent moments, Tee finally snaps out of his trance and lightly coughs.  As Tee opens and closes his mouth several times, I softly chime, “Just don’t hurt Fluke.  You know how his last betrayal has affected him.  I don’t know if he could go through another event like that again.”

Tee’s pale face quickly evaporates, and a slight shade of red dusts his cheeks.  His eyebrows furrow, and he leans slightly over the table, as he hisses, “I’m not like that jerk, and I’m not after Fluke because of his family’s money.  I care for him deeply and want to protect at any cost.  So, you don’t have to worry about me going to hurt or harm Fluke.  I would rather be hurt than to watch him get hurt again.”

He sighs and sits back straight up in his chair.  “Watching Fluke have that breakdown just by hearing Ohm’s voice was enough for me to want to protect him at any cost.  Did you not even wonder why I told everyone there that I was Fluke’s boyfriend?”

Well, I did wonder, but I was about to say the same thing that day.  However, Tee beat me to it.  Honestly though, I don’t want to date Fluke.  No, I see Fluke more as a little brother. 

Still staring at Tee, I slowly nod my head.  “Okay.  I’ll take your word but be aware that I will be watching you too.  If you do anything that upsets Fluke, I will be the first one there to push you away and protect Fluke myself.”

Tee pauses for a moment and then replies, “Fine.”



With a spring in my step, I bounce through the front door of the restaurant. 

As each day draws to a close, I’m suddenly charged with energy, even if I was exhausted at the end of my shift.  The mere idea of picking Fluke up from the restaurant immediately recharges my batteries, and I’m ready to take on the world. 

However, tonight is a little different.  When I openly confessed to Copter during our lunch about my feelings for Fluke, I no longer have a heavy burden on my shoulders.  Instead, the burden has been replaced with a nagging anxiety of wanting to find out Fluke’s true feelings for me too. 

Would Fluke agree and maybe even return my feelings, or will he reject me where I will be forced to stay in the friend zone?  Regardless of his answer, I will accept it either way. 

Those fleeting thoughts quickly disappear and my smile fades when a loud scream fills my ears. 


The restaurant owner, Drake, protectively stands in front of the kitchen door.  His face bright red while his finger frantically pointing towards the front door. 

My stomach sinks while my blood begins to boil.  What is he doing here? 

Unfortunately, Drake’s harsh words bounce right off Ohm. 

Ohm’s face flashes bright red as he balls his hands into fist and grind his teeth.  Ohm squares up his body and plants he feet firmly on the floor, while he flashes a scowl and growls, “No!  I need to see Fluke!  You can’t keep me away from him!”

With each harsh word, my heart pounds harder.  Suddenly, my eyes dart towards the swinging kitchen door.  Where is Fluke?  Is he all right?

My feet slowly move towards Ohm and Drake, while my eyes are still scanning the area trying to find Fluke.  

Fluke has to be all right.

I pull out my phone and dial the police.  Just as the dispatcher answers, Drake screams again.  “I HAVE TOLD YOU THAT YOU AREN’T ALLOWED INTO THE KITCHEN OR TO MEET HIM!  NOW, GET OUT OF MY RESTAURANT!”

With my eyes now locked on Ohm and Drake, I softly whisper into the phone, “Fight at Traditionally Thai….”

Before I can give the dispatcher any more information, Ohm takes a confident step forward and screams, “I WILL NOT LEAVE UNTIL I SEE FLUKE!!!”

Oh, no, you don’t.

Still connected to the dispatcher, I march forward and stand beside Drake.  “Over my dead body!  As long as I’m breathing, you will not get near Fluke!  Do you hear me?”


I quickly glance back towards the swinging kitchen door.  Fluke, along with most of the kitchen staff, are peaking out of the door.  Luckily, Fluke is at the back of the group, but it doesn’t matter. 

Relief instantly washes over me.  Fluke is safe. 

He may be physically safe from Ohm right now, but he still isn’t completely safe yet. 

I have to make this end.  I have to protect him.

As I turn my focus back towards Ohm, Drake glares at Ohm and growls, “No you won’t.  I’m only going to tell you one more time.  Get out!  If you don’t go, you will leave me with other choice, but to call the police!”

I try to step forward and confront Ohm again, but Drake grabs my arms and pulls me backwards towards the kitchen. 

Even though I want to give Ohm another verbal bashing, I don’t.  Instead, I take one last look at Ohm and glare a few more daggers at him, before I turn and walk into the kitchen. 

With each rushed step towards the kitchen, my heart tightens.  I keep my eyes locked on his hollow eyes.  There is only one emotion currently swirling around in them, fear.

I don’t waste any more time.  Once I push past the kitchen staff, I rush to Fluke and engulf him in my arms.   

My heart wrenches even harder, as Fluke’s trembling body stand rigid within my arms. 

Why can’t I have a magic wand that can make this all go away? 

I gently caress small circles on his back, as I softly coo, “Everything is all right.  You are all right.  I’m here now.” 

I breath suddenly hitches as Flukes short and ragged breaths begin to wheeze from his mouth.  I slowly lean my head back to get a better look at his face. 

Instantly of seeing his warm bubbling brown eyes, I’m met with his cold and unfocused eyes.

Shit.  This isn’t good.

While keeping one arm still wrapped around Fluke and continuing to rub gentle circles on his back, I look at my phone.  Realizing that I’m still connected to the dispatcher, I quickly put the phone back to my ear.  “Sorry.  Do you need any more information?”

A calm female voice replies.  “No, sir.  I have already dispatched some police officers.  Do you need an ambulance?”

I glance down at Fluke.  Do I need an ambulance for Fluke? 

As I’m contemplating the need for an ambulance, muffled screaming continues to drift into the kitchen. 


Before I can reply to this dispatcher, she calmly adds, “I will send an ambulance.”

I slowly nod my head.  “That may be a wise decision.”



As each loud noise filters into the kitchen, Fluke begins to jolt and tremble more within my arms. 

I have to get him out of here.  Luckily, he hasn’t gone into a full panic attack, but he is hanging on by a thread. 

With my phone still held against my face, I chime, “Sorry, but I have to disconnect.  I need to call Fluke’s doctor.”

The dispatcher calmly replies, “Okay.  The police and ambulance will be there soon.”

I don’t wait for her to say good-bye as I end the call and quickly dial Copter. 


“Hey, Tee what’s up?”

CRASH!!!  BANG!!! 

I frantically reply, “I can’t really talk right now, but I need your help.  Ohm showed up at the restaurant.  I’m going to take Fluke out the back door, but he is one the verge of another panic attack.  Do you want to take him to his apartment, or do you want him at your clinic?”