I decided that I would not include my personal goals for the year in a newsletter. I don't have many, but I definitely have a few.

Some of these are more on the personal side of things, which I hope you don't mind.

My first goal for this year, which is very personal to me, is to lose the weight I have gain. I really haven't disclosed this with anywhere, but a few years ago, I had lost about 30lbs. The problem with the weight lost at the time, even though I was extremely happy about it, is that I didn't lose it because I was trying to lose it. Instead, I had a medication reaction that altered my taste. Nothing tasted good. I couldn't even drink water without gagging.

The end result was I lost 30lbs in a very short time frame. In my mind, I would have loved to lose more though and get back to the weight that I was before I had kids. I know that is twisted, since I couldn't eat anything, but that was where my twisted mind had gone.

The upside is that I actually felt good. Well, that was before the not being able to eat caught up to me. However, over the next couple of years, I finally got the ability to taste food back and with being able to eat again, the weight came back on. Thus, that is why I'm back to putting a plan into place to lose the 30lbs that I gained back and hopefully, get more off so I'm closer to my pre-baby weight.

I know that I will feel better when I lose the weight. This time, I'm not going to let myself fall off the wagon. Plus, I know that I'll have plenty of support from everyone. 😊

My second goal pertains to writing. If you have seen my previous request for beta readers, you will have some idea of what I plan on doing. I want to take the big leap and try to publish some of my writing.

This is a whole new area and I'm going into it blind, but I'm hoping that I can figure it out along the way. I know that I'll make mistakes, but I also know that I won't ever know if I can do it if I don't try. So, here goes to trying.

I initially plan on using stories that I have written before and converting them to non-fanfic, which means that I have to come up with new names for all the characters. Well, I can leave the names that I have thought up that aren't tied to a story or an actor. So, Shane and Dee will remain with the same names.

One of my other things that I'm trying to debate is to leave the stories being in Thailand or make them somewhere else. I haven't decided and I probably won't come up with an answer until I'm reviewing and editing the stories.

One of the things that I'm hesitating on is giving new names for the characters in all of my stories. Personally, I kind of want to stick with just one set of names for all the stories for the same character. I know most of my stories don't have anything do to with each other, but I have enjoyed writing about the various couples in different situations, so it will be hard for me to keep switching the names out with each story.

If you have any ideas or input, feel free to let me know.

My third goal for this year relates to my youtube channel, which I have to stopped doing last year. I'm definitely going to get it going again. I even bought a microphone so I can record just audio for now. Unfortunately, the spot that I normally would do my videos is now full of stuff and I can't film. However, I can still talk. hahaha... The downside is that my phone doesn't work to well in recording me. It works, but it has a tendency to whistle or make noise if I put it too close to my mouth. So, I have gotten a microphone to plug into my computer to help reduce those unwanted noises. I'm crossing my fingers and hope that it works.

I have other ideas and things that I want to do, but I hate to make my list too long and then not accomplish any of them. I'm sure you have all been there and know what I'm talking about.

What are your 2021 goals? Are any of them like mine?

I hope this year is a great year and we all can get back to normal.

Good bye 2020 and hello 2021. 🎉🎉😊