The Future Of Demo 1 Garage

please share with your sim leagues and friends

Hello team, viewers, drivers and everyone who enjoys simracing, especially here at Demo 1 Garage.

So first up I want to apologize for my lack of communication since being forced to halt broadcasting. Alot has happened for myself personally, including having time to reflect on what I forsee as the future for Demo1.

Firstly I want to assure everyone, that I am fine, I have a great support system around me and I will be returning to broadcasting. However it may not be for some time yet.

As you may know I was forced to stop because my PC finally melted my CPU and as it was several generations old, finding a replacement wasn't financially viable, only because of its age and I could use the same money for a much upgraded, modern replacent instead. To do this I need to upgrade the entire system, I have done this theoretically and my final price will be around $2200 - $2500 AUD, money which I don't have available yet.

This is the major hurdle and the main cause for my prolonged delay. The reason I am going large is I want to have quality broadcasts and since I plan to up my PC side, I require a system which can both stream, show graphics,compute live tables, switch scenes, produce replays and run the Sims at the same time. This requires some serious hardware and my old PC was at its limit with just the consoles.

Thirdly I realized how much time I was putting into streaming, social media, messaging drivers and league admins, organising schedules, posting social media content etc.... I was actually losing sleep and it's partly the reason for my silence. I have done a huge social media purge and I'm alot better for it. However I can't just stop social media all together especially if I want to get serious with Demo1, which means I will be looking for help to run the channel and help me with content.

I also understand that asking people to volunteer their own time, isn't fair in the long term, which is why I want to be able to pay my help. Which means I'm going to be unable to continue providing the streams for free.

The community has been excellent with financial assistance and it has all gone into paying for the PS plus subscriptions, website hosting, restreaming and even my internet bills but for it to remain viable I won't be able to provide streaming for free and streaming will have costs involved for the leagues. I don't know any exact costs yet but if you are a league my best idea for now, is to find a local sponsor. I plan for these streams to be of such high entertainment, professionalism and value that business will not want to miss being an OG sponsor. I don't have all the details of how this would work done yet but it's an idea I thought could help the leagues.

Finally sorry if you have messaged me on Discord or Facebook, I'm not ignoring you, it has just been that I logged off from those and detoxed. Being on everything 24/7 wasn't great and I had no idea how bad things where getting, so I appreciate the understanding.

I planned to do a video but honestly scripting and editing videos, really isn't my thing, so I opted for writing instead. I do enjoy it alot more , I just hope I can get the message out to everyone, so please share with your leagues and post it far and wide, so everyone knows what is going on.

I'll talk to you all soon and please contact me via discord private messaging, I will get to it this week.

Thanks again and I hope you are still enjoying your racing.