Nurburgring Nordschleife Preview

Once again we saw team BHR boys CaptainRisky21 and ERT_Noodles secure a convincing one, two finish again at Bathurst last week. It means BHR receive a welcomed points boost in the teams championship as they are hot on the heels of leaders Next Level Racing (NLR)

This week we goto hell aka "The Green Hell' or maybe you know it as the Nurburgring Nordschleife. It will be a six lap race but due to the size and length of the circuit it will take atleast 45mins to complete.

This will be a huge test of endurance, strategy and mental toughness as the RaceOnOz teams take the battle to the track.

Points After Round 3

Top 5 Prediction

  • CaptainRisky21 [BHR]

  • ERT_Noodles [BHR]

  • Rangeraus [SAR]

  • Mike--ekiM [PRT]

  • TwitchyGT_ [PRT]

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