It's a two for one deal this time through as we have round 2 of the RaceOnOz GT Sport series tonight and they will take on Tohyo expressway, which in an uncanny coincidence fits in well with the upcoming Olympic Virtual Series, as some of the drivers tonight may very well be representing Australia in the upcoming Virtual Event.

Then a long time favourite, it's the SFR GT Challenge on ACC, we have a reported full grid ready to tackle Misano and boy oh boy, we cannot wait to sink our teeth into this high caliber event. If you are still waking up when you turn this stream on, you won't need that coffee once you are done here.

Sunday - RaceOnOz GT Sport

  • Stream Start: 20:15

  • Qualifying: 20:20

  • Race Start: 20:30 (45mins)




Monday - SFR GT Challenge

  • Stream Start: 9:40am

  • Qualifying: 9:45am

  • Race Start: 10:00am (60mins)




We hope to catch you for any or all of these races and don't forget to pop in and say hi during the broadcast. Thanks for supporting sim racing and the many leagues that create these events.