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I'm Denham Hill, a Freestyle Skateboarder from Leeds, U.K.

I create product through my small company, Terror-Firma. It's a means of giving back to Freestyle, and shining the spotlight on the wider Freestyle Community. 

The idea is pretty straightforward: I create product featuring original artwork, print this on to merchandise, get it sold and then donate 10% of the profit from each sale to Freestylers or causes that support Freestyle. 

It's a way of giving back, but also a way of addressing the problem of Freestyle not receiving the support it rightly should from the wider Skateboarding Industry. 

Some of the most talented Freestylers I know have to basically accept the fact they'll be flat broke just so they can get to a contest. I don't think that's okay, and I think something should be done about it. 

So here we are! I'll do what I can where I can to support Freestylers from across the globe, whether that's helping out with the costs of a new deck, or providing a bit of cash to help with the travel expenses which come with competing internationally. 

I'll also be creating trick tips to help out the newer Freestylers among us. 

Terror-Firma is more than a one man project. It's a collaborative effort and one which is founded upon the sense of Community that freestyle offers. 

Where does your donation go? Straight into the costs associated with creating new product. Of course I don't expect you to do all of it, it's pretty much 25% of the costs from supporters, and I front up the other 75% then take care of the printing, selling and postage. 

What do you get for supporting the cause? 20% off your order, to say thanks.

Hooligan Sadikson
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Bruce Kellett
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Keep it up Denham!

Thank you so much man, really appreciate it! hope Blaine and yourself are doing well!

Michael Hall
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Thanks for the videos and supporting the community. Stay warm and safe.

Thank you Michael, really appreciate the support man! Also, your stickers are on the way!

Erik (EF-it Freestyle)
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It's great to see all the support. I hope this helps. Thanks for setting it up! 

Thank you so much for your donation Erik! I really appreciate your support mate, I'm looking forward to making rad things happen! Legend man, thank you!

Łukasz Ciszak
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Keep up the good work, mate.

Thank you so much man, let's get some rad stuff done!