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Deprogrammer creator Ari Stone of Ari Stone Art is dedicated to educating people on the truth about dreams and accurate predictive dreaming. Ari is probably the first to ever have filed legal evidence in a Court case of a Dream Vision foreseeing things in dreams before they occur in waking states. Deprogrammer is dedicated to explaining how predictive dreaming actually works with science and factual based observations along with showing detailed evidence.

Stay tuned for articles and posts connected with Ari's prior documented Dream Visions and see evidence first hand legally showing it was foreseen. From watching and listening to Ari, you will be able to start threading together your own documented dream records and observations to determine your own dream state neural codes.

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"Dreams The Missing Text: What Are They? Why do We Have Them? And How What We Do in Them Determines Waking 3D Life Experience"

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