Well, I moved... I'm settled in, we have faster internet speed... both upload and download. The office space is set up nicely. Things are going great. Now on to Undermountain progress. Undermountain Level 1 map is completed. It has been put into Foundry VTT and every chunk has had all the Dynamic Lighting walls put into place.

Two months went into some hard work, and personal life has also been on the forefront... I'm working on taking the CompTIA Network+ test this coming Friday. So Undermountain is taking a backseat for the time being. Just until I pass that damned thing.

Undermountain To Do List:
8 person stress test
8 person stress test, while streaming.
Make sure all the rooms are correctly lit, read through every module used and double check our notes.
Add the monsters and populate the dungeon.
Write up everything in LEGENDKeeper for use by multiple DMs.

Not bad bad compared to where we used to be. Also, the amazing and wonderful Mark has begun work on Level 2 of Undermountain. Mostly starting the graphical upgrade framework, then we gotta invent a lot of new content on the fly. Level 2 is called the Arcane Chambers.... this will be fun.