What's up Glad Gang!

Today's live stream brought up some very interesting points on why people fear being on camera and showing up online.

If you haven't checked out today's live stream, be sure to do so!

In this live stream, I share how I have my YouTube and social media filters set up to block profane words, racial slurs, etc. so those aren't released publicly on your videos, live stream chats, etc.

Granted, expect to see the worst, and feel free to add specific words unique to yourself or content.

Pro-Tip: When it's elections time, sensitive or tragic public issues occur, new spam sites are noted on even someone else's channel is going on I will go through and add additional names, words, or phrases to the filter to avoid any discord in the chat or comments sections even among public commentators.

Feel free to share this list with anyone that may be entering into content creation.

This list is smashed into phrases, words, and letters based on past experiences of people using multiple ways to add obscene phrases or words to the chat.

However, you can copy and paste this format into YouTube or social and it'll properly separate to strengthen your social media filter.

If you haven't done so already, add regular trusted viewers as Moderators to your channel that will help allow you to keep your videos and streams going with little interruption to you.

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