No clickbait, just an update!

I am so incredibly grateful for all of you creators here that have come and supported the work I do on the channel and the team back of the company.

Truly, thank you for your support of my work. 🙏🏽

The Buy Me a Coffee Memberships are going away in a few days, at least here on this page.

I love what BMAC is creating and doing but it's just not fast enough for me when it comes to various changes and desires of what I want to give my community.

Currently, there are few platforms that have a great all-in-one community aspect that allows the members to create and share info alongside the creator host. Whether that's uploading and sharing private YouTube videos or needing to create a separate channel or group through Facebook or Discord, etc. Not even my beloved Kajabi has it but one does, Mighty Networks.

And that's where the monthly memberships, Q&As, etc. will live moving forward.

My BMAC page will remain available for those that desire to leave SuperChats outside of YouTube but those that want to join the monthly memberships for access to courses, live cohorts, and the latest on video content marketing, join us at our new home! (There's even an app!)

(Note: Our first meetup is on Feb 4th on 'Creating Titles That Get Clicked' for the YouTube Simplified Course.)