The movie is called Angels Wear White (2017) and it is about two schoolgirls assaulted by a middle-aged high-ranking politician in a seaside town motel. There is a witness and her name is Mia. Welcome to seaside paradise, where the rich get away with rape. The two victims, Xiaowen and Xinxin, pretend the assault never happened, in order to avoid their parents’ wrath. Mia does the same so she can keep her job since she is a runaway teen with nowhere to go. The policeman in charge of the investigation ends up assisting with the cover up. This movie is about the powerless. But Xiaowen has a father who loves her dearly. He may be powerless but not mute, nor blind. The authorities must take him away because he can never be bought off. This man’s courage, whatever his fate will be, will always shine in the little girl’s heart. Mia decides to leave town. She gets away on a scooter. She is dressed up in a delicate white dress - an angel of some sort, maybe not the best kind but the smartest. Vivian Qu has an eye for modern subtleties. Her movie borrows some of its style from film noir with suspenseful moments and intriguing episodes. This film casts the coldest stare at cruelty stepping up to the door of impunity.