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Goal: Raise funds to go toward our Paul Smiths College Scholarship Fund:

Working to promote stewardship and conservation of waterfall-bearing public and private natural areas, and helping small

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Why I haven't become an official 'member' yet, I have no idea but that's fixed now!  :-)

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We are all about giving back!

Our team and community are the best! Thank you!!

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THANK YOU. I normally work from home, so the chaos of COVID-19 related restrictions has not impacted me as much as many others. That being said, I normally get out of the house daily between running kids to/from school, errands, my artwork, connecting with others socially, etc. it's enough for me to find respite in working from home, normally. With the kids at home, no school, every social event I've booked till June+ cancelled, etc. I was finding it hard to keep "Fun Mom" present and recharge in any meaningful way.  I purchased your Dig The Falls book on Amazon and I LOVE IT.  It's helped me in so many ways. I have claimed 1 weekend day every week for myself. No kids, no restrictions; just my cameras, my list of Waterfalls to find, some company along the way (safely social distanced of course) and the outdoors.  Waterfall hunting for the Dig the Falls - 100 Challenge has been my therapy for weeks now. It's my sanity, my recharge, my adventure, a current artistic inspiration and occasionally my much needed access to an outdoor 'Scream Closet." I'm finding waterfalls muffle the sounds of me letting loose my frustrations for the week quite nicely.  I wanted to contribute to your worthy causes, and give my public thanks. THANK YOU @digthefalls + Edward Myron Smathers! 

Absolutely honored to join you on you journeys!! Our team mate, John Haywood, did a beautiful job with the book, along with the other guides he's published.  We couldn't do it without the team and awesome community members like you!! ❤️ 


$89 of $1250 goal reached!

Goal: Raise funds to go toward our Paul Smiths College Scholarship Fund: