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DWR is commercial free music, mayhem, and mishigas out of Boston, MA, USA. An eclectic mix of classic rock, blues, folk, garage, alternative, punk, prog, and psychedelia, injected with a healthy dose of humor.

You can support both the station and musicians by donating here.  All donations made through this site will go towards adding new tracks or content to the station, which in turn supports the musicians that create the music for us to enjoy!

Live broadcast schedule:
Metal Health Monday (weekly): 8pm EST
Twofer Tuesday (occasional): 8pm EST
Wildflower Wednesday (weekly): 8pm EST
Thirsty Thursday (occasional): 8pm EST
Freeform Friday (weekly): 8pm EST
80s @ Eight (occasional Saturdays): 8pm EST
It's Alive! (occasional Saturdays): 9pm EST

Come get dirty with us!

Write to us at [email protected], and listen to the 24/7 stream via these links below:


Radio Garden:

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Thanks very much for your support!