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Welcome to the extension of what I do as a Bbimp disabled community content creator. 

You can now access different ways to display your own content as a community member, activist, or advocate.

You can find accessible tips, tools and even book to work with me on finding how to showcase your work that isn't solely dependent on social media that can range from video editing to "how-to" kind of content. 

No creation is too big or too small so no matter where you are in this journey, your skills set doesn't disqualify you from speaking up and out on disability injustices because we need every voice in this work. 

I'm bringing a mix of the things I'm learning as an a creator of many skills and really enjoy telling a lived experience through video, photography, podcasting and by other means. 

From team collaboration tips to which affordable accessible platforms, products, services that can possibly work for you or your team, I'm here to help.

Creating on social media platforms soon stunt the growth and reach within the community as brown and black creators are getting banned and restricted for the work that they do and the connections they make, and it can just be gone in a second. 

Free content will be available on all platforms I'm on, including exclusive requested content that can be accessed for a small fee that supports me for my labor and time. I continuously work to dismantle capitalism within this work on any platforms I take on and any person's I work with individually. It's a learning experience with every step we take together in this community. 

So things like professionalism and productivity are not embraced or are the foundation of what I do here. As a human, I'm constantly learning, making mistakes and finding new ways to create my own way, and when we share our stories in a raw way, with all it's typos and what society would deem an error, it's our own story and our own way of telling it that matters! 

As always, 

I hope this helps

Angie Elena

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[Bbimp means Black, Brown, Indigenous, Melinated People that was coined by Louiza"Weezer"Doran.]