Mindset takes practice. It doesn’t come naturally for most. It certainly didn’t for me.

My mindset is what created the foundation for my life of addiction (I started drinking heavily in eighth grade). My mindset created my habits. It created the “safe zone” my addictions lived in because my mindset was enforcing and reinforcing bad behavior. My go to response in any situation was drugs and alcohol. My mindset was built over 40-years to support and drive my addiction response.

Once I chose to live free of drugs and alcohol I got to work in my mindset. This is the real fight. The micro-decisions are what drive success in recovery and in building a happy healthy life.

Choosing to have and maintain the right mindset is built in the series of decisions and your responses through the day.

Change your life through consciously building a routine like getting up early, working out, reading, no drinking and drugging, fighting the urges that drove you while an addict.

The mindset comes from doing it anyway, no matter what, no matter how you feel. Get up early! Don’t hit the snooze button. Workout out no matter what. Read no matter what. Grit your teeth and do it.

There are days I don’t want to workout. I do it anyway. There are days I’m in a bad mood. I work to try to change my state. This is where the practice comes in. It takes time to build new habits, new routines, a new mindset.

It was mindset that got us into our addictive lifestyle. If will be mindset that gets you out of your addictive lifestyle.