Three coffees appeared! Time to add three references! ... more

Jun 18

Curious, long time with no coffees and just the day after I get three, a new one appears. Thanks mysterious benefactor, this references is for you!

May 03

It's been a while since the last coffee! And now, suddenly, 3 of them appear. Which means three references are in order! ... more

May 01

A mysterious coffee was given! Time to thanks this gesture with a reference!

Feb 10

Yet another bunch of coffees were bought so here you got 8 references! ... more

Dec 25

Even though it wasn't with this page, a good buddy of mine bought me 18 coffees!! So here's the equivalent number of references :) ... more

Sep 19

Let's get this started, every time a coffee is bought I'll upload here an initial reference I
First coffee got! Time to upload another reference!
Two coffees mean two more references!
The coffees keep coming in bunches! So do the references!
Five coffees, FIVE! So we get five references!