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Hello there fellow traveller! You`ve arrived at the entrance of The Mistério Club!
This is a place created by Doart, for curious travellers such as yourself who are looking to be part of an exclusive club filled with little extras such as: behind the scenes, early accesses, drafts of projects, little updates, shoutouts, exclusive live sessions, discounts on future merch items, etc!
In order for you to enter and be part of this awesome exclusive club, all you need to do is join one of the memberships you see on the right side. :)
Don`t worry, you can cancel the membership anytime you want! 

On the other hand... If you`re not really interested on being part of this awesome exclusive club, but you still feel like you want to support Doart as an artist by buying him one or more beers, click on "Support" and follow the instructions as you please. :)

* Note that buying Doart a beer or joining The Mistério Club is 100% optional, and the support is always appreciated, so he thanks you from the bottom of his heart! And hopefully someday he`ll get to grab a real beer with you on a chilled evening at a bar somewhere... Who knows? :)

Have a wonderful day and keep on dreaming!
*beep bop*