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I don't know who you are, but I want you to know I appreciate your gift <3 Thank you <3 

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i feel you spoke directly to me. thank u

Thank you so much. I appreciate you! <3 

Jessie A Wheeler
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"There are times when yhou won't bounce back" This is the best description of the effect of multiple hardships I have read. I have been through a series of extreme hard life events and thought I would never recover and I did. Thank you for this.

Dear Jessie, Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity! I am so glad you have recovered. It takes so much to do so, and there isn't any step-by-step guide, so it's easy to feel lost or like things will never be good again. Coming through is a feat of determination. I sincerely appreciate you.

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I just left dunkin w/my machiato...decided I wanted 2 pick another butterfly for another message for today...but somehow wound up spotting a heart w/angel wings first...a post from 2013...'the heart knows the way'...was so perfect to read that this morning. After I spotted the opp to buy u a coffee.  As I sip mine, I decided to reach out again and do just that, clink a cup w/u thru I send my wishes that all our hearts show us the way as we make our ways thru 2021.  Happy new year to u. Thank u for ur very special inspirations. And now I'll go pick that daily butterfly! 

Tia!!! Thank you so much!! Oh that is amazing, isn't it? Something from 7 years ago found its way to you at the right time. You know, I've been thinking about that theme lately, timing. The old saying is that "timing is everything" and I am seeing that more. A very happy New Year to you, too, and thank you SO much for the wonderful coffee!! I appreciate you!! Love, Doe 

So happy to see this.  Agreed, timing is the perfect theme as we head to a new year.  As  I shared in my reply to ur Christmas post, I had just sat at my laptop only moments earlier when ur email came was perfect timing...holding tight to stuff we know in our hearts can be such struggle sometimes to hold onto...and if we don't hold onto them, them our hearts can't lead us...ur email took me right back to that beanbag chair and helped me remember...soooo much to be grateful for. Thank u again. 💗

p.s. almost forgot again's pick, #1 butterfly...'time'🦋 

wow, perfect!!!