Instructor Don Stephens and Digital Content Creator Nadine O. invite you to the explore lines, shapes, forms, colors and spaces together.

Our Mission:

Inspire YOU to keep creating!

About Our Sessions:

Our Pop Up Art sessions are recorded live and are available as a replay for a limited time.

- Wave, say hi and share your thoughts in the comment section in the lives and or in the replays.

- Please also be respectful when sharing to our 50 plus members.

- You must be a member to attend. Join our Let's Paint and Draw Along Facebook Group today!

What to expect:

10am - Greetings, gathering of materials and coffee and tea prep.

10:15am - Our art journey continues with the guidance of Don Stephens.

11:45am - Sharing time (This is where Don gives suggestions of where you may want to go with your art piece after class is over)

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