Buy DonateEnglish a lesson!


Dear Students and Followers,

Thank you for supporting Donate.English!

This pandemic has been difficult for many people however, it doesn't have to stop people from learning or improving their English.

I offer two types of English lessons: donation-based group classes and affordable hourly private lessons.

Donation-based group lessons:
I host once a week donation-based group lessons. There is no set fee for the donation-based group lessons; students pay what they can afford to pay for those classes.

How donation-based lessons work:
Registered Students pay for each English class by donation (the minimum amount is €5 per class). For example, Student Carolina donates a total of €15(€5 + €10) for 2 classes that meet in a period of one week.

General Donations are welcome and appreciated!

Your donations help pay for:
💻the subscription to the online video meeting platform,
📚the coursebook classroom tool subscriptions,
📡monthly internet access
and finally,
👩🏽‍🏫time spent preparing and teaching the classes.

Your donations are appreciated and go towards helping others!

Teacher Saki