On Monday I did the first of the weekly art streams and it went super well! Not only were we able to create incredible pieces but I had a ton of fun while doing it!

The first one pictured with red, black, and white, was the first to be created with light suggestion from chat, I'm calling it "A Musky Dream" because it reminded viewers of Mars and Mars is the dreamland of the famous Elon Musk. I think its fitting and if he is interested he can have it!

The second piece is a smaller piece that came out of the leftover paint from the second pour which is pictured last. This smaller piece looks almost nothing like it's mother painting but shares the exact same paint and mixture. Oil wasn't used in the first pour but became a successful element of the second pour, creating the blotched effect and ripples in different mixtures. 

The thing that makes the second pour so unique (shown last) was the addition of a yellow base coat which was originally thought to be covered and lost to the pour. However thanks to the oil that was added, once alittle heat was added to the poured mixture, it separated just slightly enough for the yellow to pop out from behind the paint. The use of black, silver, blue, and purple made for an incredible galaxy feeling while the yellow poking through added stars around the edges.

I am very satisfied with these pours and can't wait for next Monday so we can do even more! Thank you all for helping me to achieve this artistic journey that is so inspiring to work on!