Making acrylic pour painting is fun, creative, and exciting to get into but one of the biggest factors about it is how messy it is and can be. This is one of the biggest reasons I haven't been able to make as much art as I was just a few short months ago. I have been in the process of trying to figure out a place and style of pour painting that will allow me to do more art and post more work on my pages, however it seems that the more I push into it the less time, space, and energy I have for it. I have however now started this page so I am dedicated to figuring it out. my first idea is to get a foldable table what I can use and put away when I'm not working, not only this but specific sized drip bins that I can let my art dry in as well! I have a lot of ideas and now just need to put them into work and get to work! I am excited to get back into things!