New campaign illustration is now up! :)

Our adventures in the Undermountain continue, and you can see a higher resolution, as well as read up about the story behind and around the illustration here.

In other news,

We've been working hard on expanding our little operation into something greater! Some of you may have already heard we're tinkering with a Youtube channel that would host this adventure - among a few other ongoing, amazing campaigns - as a podcast of sorts (we've been meticulously recording our sessions thus far!)

This is of course a LOT of work, so please be patient... it'll likely be a few months.

Those of you who are here for Tales From the Tables, the next episode is sketched out and proceeding slowly but surely! I'm hoping to make it within my self-imposed monthly release schedule, even though between the comic itself, the campaign illustrations, making stuff for TheForeverDM's aforementioned upcoming Youtube channel, my demanding and highly responsible daily day job, AND tending to my wife now that we're expecting our family to grow some 4 months from now - I find myself stretched rather thin!

I persevere of course, and seeing how you dear readers/viewers enjoy our little comic, seeing the feedback, the thousands of comments on Reddit, the fascinating discussions spawned in the comments, all of these far beyond my dreams back when I started it - it makes all this work SO worth it!

Your generous and kind support helps us keep going, makes it possible to expand our dreams and reach so much further! I can't wait to see where can we take Tales and the upcoming D&D podcast, together.