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🕺 Who are we! What are we doing !?

The medical courses are long🙁 and detailed🙄, where to start🤔? and how can I understand ?!

Dr Medra is here 🤗 to facilitate the review🧐 of the courses of your modules🤩, by organizing them in model “Playlists” of modules 🧠🦴👁👂, each playlist contains the courses + CATs of a module😉.

For an optimal review, we prepare this organization of content and is proposed as follows:

* Dr Medra Résumé ✍️ (for abstracts)

* Dr Medra Cours 📚 📝 (for courses)

* Dr Medra Arabic🌙 (for courses and summaries in Arabic) 🎁🔔

* Dr Medra Design🧑🏻‍🎨🎥 (PP - Photoshop - Video editing ...)

Our mission 😇 is to help create a 👩‍⚕️productive💪🏻, self-disciplined😎 and creative👨‍🎨 medical student 👩‍🎨with our program, where he or she takes an eye on course through summaries✍️, review his lessons 📚 📝with more explanation and detail, inspire from 🤩🥰 slides and tutorials 👨‍🏫 to create his/her own best slides 💻

🤔Why are we on #Buymeacoffee ?!

Quite simply: to allow us to continue this project! 😃

We already have a full-time job (as a team of medical students and doctors), and creating videos takes time and money. 

-> With your help and your tremendous support 😍, we could:

💡 Buy better equipment (for example 1️⃣ invest in a more efficient Laptop to facilitate the work of design - editing -... etc // 2️⃣ buy microphones for better amplification and audio quality of the videos (we use our own phones to record the course) // 3️⃣ buy a good camera 🎥 to be able to film tutorial videos or images of clinical cases for example...

💡 invest in software that we use in the free version - watermark problem

💡 Buy explanatory images: using explanatory images in our videos, these images have copyrights, we need to buy them in order to use them, our goal is to make the explanation easier for you.

We have a long-term vision: to bring together a community of smart medical students, ready to challenge and improve, with the effective means to succeed. Be part of the adventure!

👋 So, I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee!

Thank you =D 

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