I'm inquisitive & love to learn about & understand, pretty much, everything. However, I'm not going to be discussing politics, religion or sex much. Though I will have plenty of thought provoking content, it will still remain a little more lighthearted. Plus, I'm looking for discussions, not debates. Those three topics can cause some to become argumentative. You're welcome to have your own blog that may get a little more heated. I don't want that here. Especially since some of the things I'm going to post will be inspirational & uplifting.

Twitter will give you a glimpse of my style. But, only a glimpse. As you can only convey so much with 280 characters. I'm a little bit more verbose. I'm sure I will learn to get my point across within their character limit. Of course, then there would be no reason to have a blog. It's important for me as this is how I'm going to create a better life for myself.

As mentioned before, part of my writing is conversational. Which is why I add queries. I really want to know your experiences & ideas. I enjoy getting different perspectives. I do realize that some of you prefer to mainly read, rather than, interact. You're more observers. Perhaps you would like to add something, but would rather do so in private. If that's the case then, please contact me at: [email protected] Please do follow so you can keep up with what's going on here & do share as well. Much appreciated.